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Born in 1963, Angela Pellicanò is hailed as one of Italy's most promising Artists, having started her career as an Artist in 1996 with a Diploma in Pittura, Accademia di Belle Arti di Reggio Calabria. She as enjoyed many solo exhibitions and mixed exhibitions and is in numerous public collections.  Her ceramic works have been selected to represent Italy in 2005 at the "Carousel des art" Biennial Event of the Applied Arts of the Louvre Museum in Paris.
She was recently the lead figure in Bovarchè a international festival celebrating the acceptance of contemporary art in Italy.
Her means of expression range between painting, sculpture and installation. She has to her credit solo exhibitions at the Bargellini Museum in Pieve di Cento presented by Martina Corgnati; in Rome the Shakti exhibitions, with a text by Gabriele Salvatores; "La Pagina dei Giochi", presented by the President of the Fondazione Roma Musei Emmanuele Emanuele and Valentina Moncada.
She exhibits at the Lynne Wilton Gallery in Melbourne (Australia); at the Italian Embassy in Miami (USA); at the Clayton Gallery and at the Metropolitan Pavillion Chelsea - NYC; at the Italian Cultural Institutes of Londra, Malta and Krakow.She participates in the 54th Venice Biennale, selected by the Fondazione Roma, Palazzo Venezia. Experience replicated in 2013, guest of the Bangladesh Pavilion. She is selected by Fabio De Chirico for the "Open Space 2" exhibitions, at the National Gallery of Palazzo Arnone and "ArtSiders", at the National Gallery of Palazzo dei Priori in Perugia. Exhibits in Gibellina, guest of the Orestiadi Foundation and with the gallery The Format participates in the project "The grass grows", off circuit of Art Basel 2014. In 2015 is a guest of "BoCs Art" curated by Alberto Dambruoso and exhibits at the M.A.M. of Cosenza. She won the first prize for urban installations during the Apulia Land Art Festival 2017, curated by Giuseppe Capparelli.
Is present in the collections of: Palazzo della Farnesina (Ministry of Foreign Affairs); Museo delle Trame Mediterranee in Gibellina; Fondazione Roma, Palazzo Sciarra in Rome; Museo BoCS in Cosenza.
Angela Pellicanò / Via Dei Correttori, 6
89127 Reggio Calabria /  (Italy)
+39  3391863561
+39 0965 312359
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